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Guide members through content with courses

Guide members through new materials using step-by-step courses inside your own community platform.

✓ Offer interactive and engaging community content
✓ Kick start learning and innovation 
✓ Keep track of your members’ learning progress

Maybe you teach volunteers new skills or introduce new technology to employees? Whatever the goal, courses will help you share the knowledge.

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Customize your community courses

There are two different types: Basic Courses focus on course material only. Advanced Courses contain the course materials and have all the possibilities of a group (add topics, events, and a stream to the course).

Visual design and easy navigation 
Courses navigate members through materials with arrows for guidance and labels to indicate their progress. 

A variety of multimedia tools 
You can style the text, add images, videos, and include attachments and articles to all courses.

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Bring value to members with courses

This is the best tool to create customized learning paths for community members. What are you waiting for?

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