Open Social vs Facebook workplace comparison
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We compare our software to Facebook Workplace. We want to show you how Open Social and Facebook Workplace offer the same solutions, but with more control and customisation you can achieve your business goals by using Open Social.

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How does Open Social differ from Workplace?

While Facebook Workplace might be quick, easy, and cheap to setup, it doesn't offer nearly the range of content, collaboration tools, or customisation that Open Social offers. Moreover, while Facebook itself has been accused of many bad practices in the past, is Workplace an improvement?

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Facebook Workplace vs Open Social


Open Social vs Facebook workplace comparison
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We have carefully crafted 70 points of comparison to show how our community software compares with other forms of software available on the market. We know there is a lot out there to choose from, so we created a list that can help you make the right decision when thinking about your organization and how best to serve your members. 

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What is a Social Intranet?

A social intranet is an internal website that helps your employees stay connected and engaged with your business. Essentially is a digital workspace that is fully integrated with your business tools and helps your employees get the job done

Within a social intranet, employees can contribute to business-wide discussions, communicate their ideas to their teams, search easily among content and be able to collaborate easily with other colleagues.

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Meet Open Social

We believe there is a better way to connect your members, volunteers, employees, and customers. Meet Open Social, an online community solution. Our features enable your people to engage in a safe online environment.

Did you know? 

Open Social is available as SaaS Basic for companies that need cut-and-dry community software with all features available, SaaS Premium for a full software package with various possible extensions, or as SaaS Enterprise for ambitious projects that need custom features, API integrations, and design. The choice is yours.

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With Open Social, we can set you up with a demonstration! Experience how easy it is to set up first hand. Get in contact with our team to book a demo today

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Trusted by UNDP

"We chose Open Social for the flexibility to customize the platform and the possibility to get the new features added by other community members."

- Hannah Weifenbach International Consultant at UNDP

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