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We compare our software to Bloomfire. We want to show you how Open Social and Bloomfire both offer some of the same essential Knowledge Platform tools, but that they each have unique features that sets them apart.

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How does Open Social differ from Bloomfire?

Open Social and Bloomfire has very different pricing plans. While Open Social has a standard subscription fee, Bloomfire's standard subscription is priced per users. This means that while Bloomfire might start off less expensive, if your platform grows beyond 20 users it already becomes more expensive than the Open Social Basic plan.

Looking at what you get for your money is important. For example, while Bloomfire's value lies in the third-party integrations that Open Social doesn't offer, these integrations are only available for Enterprise-level customers. This means that to get the most important integrations features, you will need to subscribe to their most expensive product.

Deciding which platform to go with often comes down to which features you really need, and at what price you can get them.

Bloomfire vs Open Social


Open Social vs Bloomfire
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We have carefully crafted 63 points of comparison to show how our Knowledge Platform solution compares with other software available on the market. We know there is a lot out there to choose from, so we created a list that can help you make the right decision when thinking about your organization and how best to serve your members. 

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What is a Knowledge Platform?

A knowledge platform is a community-driven platform that helps members generate and share knowledge, expertise and resources. A good platform helps your organization make information and documents more discoverable through helping community  members stay connected and engaged.

Communicate ideas and knowledge,  search easily among content and make collaboration easy between people.

Did you know? 

Open Social is available as SaaS Basic for companies that need cut-and-dry community software with all features available, SaaS Premium for a full software package with various possible extensions, or as SaaS Enterprise for ambitious projects that need custom features, API integrations, and design. The choice is yours.

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