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We compare our software to 360Learning. We want to show you how Open Social and 360Learning offers similar features, but packaged as very different products. While 360Learning offers more complex e-learning tools, Open Social gives you a much more flexible platform with more social and online community features.

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How does Open Social differ from 360Learning?

360Learning is a powerful online learning solution. However, that is all that it is! The unique benefit of Open Social is that it is so much more than just for learning, training, or member development.

Open Social is also a fully-fledged online community software that allows your members to do so much more. For example: While both platforms offer offline event scheduling, 360Learning only allows these in the form of scheduling face-to-face training within a course curriculum.



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We have carefully crafted 63 points of comparison to show how our Social Learning solution compares with other software available on the market. We know there is a lot out there to choose from, so we created a list that can help you make the right decision when thinking about your organization and how best to serve your members. 

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What is a Social Learning platform?

There are many types of learning platforms, from Learning Management Systems to e-Learning Software. Open Social focuses on ‘Social Learning’. This kind of solution comprises of an online learning environment with a strong social or community dimension - mixing e-learning and online community software in one perfect package.

Bring members together in a platform that allows people to learn at their own pace and from anywhere! More importantly, encourage members to learn from each other and create dialogue throughout the learning process.

Did you know? 

Open Social is available as SaaS Basic for companies that need cut-and-dry community software with all features available, SaaS Premium for a full software package with various possible extensions, or as SaaS Enterprise for ambitious projects that need custom features, API integrations, and design. The choice is yours.

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