Email is a great way to drive users to your community. There are different ways to do this, as long as you keep in mind that the goal of your email marketing strategy is to drive users to visit and engage with your community.

Email marketing and Open Social

Open Social comes with an export feature that allows you to export user data from the platform and then organise it according to specific parameters in Excel or Google Sheets for example. The export can give you insights into:


  • How often a user logged in
  • When the last time was a user logged in
  • How much original content a user posted
  • How many comments a user posted
  • And more…


You can use all of this information to target different emails to users at different activity levels. Import your various target groups into an email marketing program like MailChimp and start emailing to increase traffic and engagement!

Depending on each target group you can send weekly, bi-weekly or monthly email updates. Consider the following options for example:


  • Send reactivation emails to inactive users, MailChimp has great tips for reactivation campaigns  
  • Send a weekly email with a summary of active topics to get more users to join the discussion 
  • Filter users based on interest and inform them about new content that matches their interests 
  • Organize an event and invite users (you can even make this area specific)
  • Combine all of the above and create perfectly targeted emailings for users based on activity, interest and location


Note that you will probably find that as your community matures you will be able to identify more and more different target groups for your email marketing activities. Generally speaking, initially two or three different target groups (new users, active users, inactive users for example) will do.


You can also use the Open Social notifications system to reach specific users. If you want to keep specific users active and engaged you can use the @-mention function on the platform. Whether in a topic, post, event or comment, users that are mentioned will receive both a notification on the platform as well as a notification that they have been mentioned via email.

Notifications in Open Social


One way to utilize this is to welcome each new users on the platform with a welcome message on their personal page. The easiest way to do this is create a template with the most crucial information and then personalise it by adjusting the name and use the @-mention feature to tag the user when you post the welcome message.

Do you have an email marketing strategy for your online community? Do you have any tips for our users? Or questions on how to improve on your current strategy? Let us know in the comments!


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